Zurich Zoo

The biggest zoo in Switzerland has annually 1.8 million visitors and 30,000 members. The zoo is situated in Zurich. The area measures 15 hectares and the zoo has 3,500 animals of 340 species. Copenhagen Zoo has in comparison 15 hectares and with 240 animal species.

More space for the animals: In 1992, a new concept for the Zurich Zoo was presented. The area was doubled and the number of animal species were to be maintained. In addition, each cage and fencing was changed in order to optimise animal welfare. Instead of displaying additional species, the intention is to show visitors the animals’ original surroundings. That is, lay-outs as known in Europe, South America, Africa and so on.

Masola rainforest in Zurich
In the summer of 2003, an indoor rainforest opened in the Zurich Zoo. This is the so-called Masoala and is Europe’s largest rainforest. The rainforest is trying to recreate a warm and humid climate. Inside the rainforest, there are exclusive plant species from Madagascar living under a special light frame and a roof of a special foil. There are also 42 different species in the rainforest that can be observed at close quarters in a tropical setting.

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