Who are we?

my-switzerland.info is authored by Jan Bo Larsen in order to help foreigners who either live in Switzerland or wish to move to Switzerland. The author is from Denmark and has more than 30 years’ experience in banking, insurance, tax and relocation. He has continuously advised other Scandinavians and foreigners on the optimal structures as well as living conditions in Switzerland.

Jan Bo Larsen

JanBoLiving abroad can be a challenge associated with both joy and frustration. The author of the website has been living in Switzerland since 2001 and feels qualified in giving advice and recommendations about life in Switzerland. Today, Jan Bo Larsen works as Certified expert in occupational provision for private and corporate clients at the largest insurance company: Swiss Life. He advises foreigners in different areas such as: pension advice in Switzerland, insurance advice in Switzerland, asset management consulting in Switzerland, loans for real estate in Switzerland as well as health insurance in Switzerland. You can read more about Jan Bo Larsen on LinkedIn.

Ethical code in Switzerland

Jan Bo Larsen has joined “the code of ethics” for Swiss Insurance agents working for Swiss Life. Read more about the code of insurers in Switzerland