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Married couple, age: 45, recently moved to Switzerland
In the fall of 2015 we were contacted by Jan Bo Larsen in connection with a review of all our insurances health Insurance, life insurance and pensions. My husband has a well-paid job in an international company and a good company pension. I concentrate my efforts “at home” and take care of our house and children. During the examination of our pension schemes and the interplay between two contries, I discovered that I have no personal pension in Switzerland. Therefore, we decided to start a family pension where half of the savings are mine. It feels like an ideal solution and I can therefore look forward to a good pay-out when I retire.

Best regards, Peter and Mette

Married couple, age: 42, residents in Switzerland
We were contacted in 2013 by Jan Bo Larsen in connection with our changing jobs in Switzerland. We have lived in Switzerland for many years and find ourselves doing well in the country. In collaboration with Jan Bo Larsen, we made a Swiss pension analysis and quickly found a great potential for tax optimisation within “pillar 3a”.

Best regards, Morten and Pia

Male, age: 39, resident in Switzerland
I contacted Jan Bo Larsen in 2012 in connection with the expiration of my mortgage loan at ZKB (Zürich Kantonal Bank). After a meeting where we reviewed my requirements Jan Bo Larsen examined the lending market. I subsequently received a great deal on a 15-year mortgage loan from Swiss Life.

In connection with the admission of the new mortgage we finally made a pension analysis. It soon became clear that an indirect amortisation would give a big tax advantage for me. Jan Bo Larsen helped me with the creation and the optimal benefits following Swiss law.

Best regards, Per

Married couple, age: 60, residents in Switzerland
We went to Jan Bo Larsen in connection with our relocation to Switzerland in 2009. Since we did not have any knowledge of the country in advance, we sought professional help. We had among others Dutch pension schemes which we did not know how to be taxed abroad. However, we quickly got the answer from the Swiss authorities after having Jan Bo Larsen corresponding in German with the local tax authorities.

Best regards, James and Helga

Male, age: 63, resident in Switzerland
In 2008, I was recommended to contact Jan Bo Larsen after I had had a meeting with a Swedish tax lawyer. At the time I needed assistance when I had to move from Sweden to Switzerland. We held a quick meeting and managed to make a plan for the necessary elements that had to be organized. These were among other things a new apartment, residence permit, health insurance, household insurance, motor car insurance and bank account.

After a few weeks I ordered flights to Switzerland to inspect my apartment in the Canton of Zug, visit the authorities and sign insurance and bank documents. A visiting programme Jan Bo Larsen had organized saved me time, money and hassle.

Best regards, Poul

Male, age: 50, resident in England
In 2007, I met Jan Bo Larsen for the first time during a lecture about relocation from Sweden. Jan Bo Larsen was a lecturer and gave good tips and recommendations on how to live and invest abroad. At the time, I owned a holiday accommodation in Spain and in addition had a need for an international investment bank for my accrued free funds.

After the lecture, I had a conversation with Jan Bo Larsen who received a mandate from me to find a bank in Switzerland with a good investment strategy and reasonable fees. It took Jan Bo Larsen a few days to find a partner and help me to open my bank account and an investment depot. I still have the same bank and my yield has been satisfying despite of a difficult time.

Best regards, Cole

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