Trains in Switzerland

In Switzerland the state railway is called SBB. SBB is an abbreviation for “Die Schweizerischer Bundesbahnen” and is a public company owned by the state. The company is divided into four divisions:

  • Passenger transport
  • Freight transport
  • Infrastructure
  • Buildings and land

Timetables for trains in Switzerland
Travellers by train in Switzerland experience an unusual precision of the system. The most recent published figures show that 328 million people are traveling by train annually and 95.8% arrive with less than 5 minutes’ delay. Click here to see the SBB timetable of departures and arrivals.

For passenger transport, the strategic goal of SBB is to offer departures that reflect the citizens’ demands. Furthermore, it is the goal to offer good international departures with high-speed trains.

Train tickets in Switzerland
It is of course possible to buy train tickets and subscriptions whether traveling daily or just once in a while.

If you are a daily commuter it is recommended to buy a general subscription – known as GA or “Streckenabonnement”. If you only travel once in a while it will certainly be a good idea to get a “Halbtax”, “Gleis 7”, “Tageskarten” (day tickets) or maybe just an ordinary 2-hour ticket.

To read more about train tickets, click below:

Train subscriptions in Switzerland

Train tickets in Switzerland

Buying train tickets in Switzerland
All tickets can be purchased for 1st and 2nd class either at the train station or online. It has also become possible to buy tickets through one’s mobile phone through an MMS.