Tax Statement in Switzerland

When spring comes it is time to make your tax bills, in Switzerland also called tax return. In Switzerland it is a complicated matter. One reason is the many technical terms as well as the lack of information exchange between banks, insurance companies and authorities. A tax bill in Switzerland and following deduction rules/options is different to what we know from other European countries. In practice, only the reported is taxed. There is, however, taken control of the information to prevent tax evasion.

There are two tax collection systems for individuals in Switzerland:

One tax collection system is withholding tax from the salary at the source (“Quellensteuer”) which is paid by all foreigners who do not own a “Niederlassungsbewilligung C”. This for instance applies to foreigners who have lived less than 5 years in Switzerland. The withholding tax is a tax on account that is deducted from the final tax as soon as your tax bill is received by the authorities.

The deadline for submitting your tax bill in Switzerland is the 31st of March in the canton of Zurich. If you cannot meet this deadline, you may in writing apply for an extension of the deadline. Taxpayers who do not hand in their tax bill in Switzerland within the deadline can be punished with a fine of up to CHF 10,000.

Need help with your tax bill in Switzerland?
If you need help preparing your tax bill, you can contact We will send you a check list and a price for our work. Hereafter you just send the necessary documents according to the checklist, and you will receive a completed tax statement from us which you must sign and send to the tax authorities.