Settling in Switzerland

Switzerland has signed an agreement with the EU/EEA countries on the progressive abolition of work permits. Until 01.07.2007 it has although still been a requirement that the Swiss employer must seek work and residence permit […]

Moving to Switzerland

Many newcomers find the new life in Switzerland somewhat complicated. If you have a new job, there are surely many new and interesting colleagues, however if you relocated to the country as a retiree or […]

Checklist for relocating to Switzerland

If you move abroad, you must remember to notify the movement before departure to the national register in the municipality in which you are registered. Anyone moving abroad has to be registered as having left […]

Languages in Switzerland

There are in Switzerland four language groups: German (64%), French (20%), Italian (7%) and Romansh (1%). The main language is German and i 2/3 of the country you will meet the German-Swiss’ own language Schwyzer-Dütsch, […]

Where to stay in Switzerland?

A big question when you want to move to Switzerland is: where is it better to live? Often a dilemma is encountered between quality of life and economic benefits (e.g. low taxes). It is hard […]

Relocating to Switzerland

The notion of relocation/to relocate is English and means ‘to move’. Internationally, the word is often used in connection with families moving across national borders. Relocation service includes various services and products and are primarily […]