Religion in Switzerland

Switzerland is a multicultural country. It is a country with residents from essentially all over the world. Due to this diversity, there is a rich variation in religions in Switzerland which is reflected in the population’s composition.

Switzerland has religious freedom. The main religion is Christianity which can be split into the Roman Catholic and Reformed denominations. Together, they constitute over 80% of all religions in Switzerland.

Looking at foreigners living in Switzerland, these constitute 44% Roman Catholic, 5% the reformed, 17% Orthodox and 18% Islam.

The Swiss religious landscape accounts with the traditional reformed cities such as Bern and Winterthur while Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne are predominantly Catholic cities.

However, it seems the great religions are in stagnation. This is true as far as the major religions, Catholicism and Protestantism are no longer as dominant as before. A major advance seems not only to be made towards Islam but also the irreligious (atheism) are rising.