Private schooling in Switzerland

In terms of private schools, Switzerland offers a wide and diversified range of opportunities. The private school is not only an alternative to the public school, but also the private school stands out among young people as a serious start to a determined vocational education.

Grundstufe and Kindergarten
In Switzerland, people from age 3 have the opportunity to be part of a protected play-group to gain the first experiences with various items and materials. If the child has interest in progressing further, there are plenty of opportunities to acquire additional skills through playing.

“Primarschulen” is a kind of primary school of children from 1st – 6th grade. The private schools have programs leaning towards Montessori pedagogy and advanced performance-enhancing directions. This is especially evident in the daily teaching in some private schools which in some schools is conducted in both German and English.

From 6th – 9th grade you enter the “Oberstufe”. Here the teaching is different depending on the canton that one lives in. “Oberstufe” is also called “Realschule”, “Sekundarschule” or “Bezirksschule”. When finishing the Oberstufe in Switzerland, the compulsory education has finished.

Schedules in Switzerland has here found an example of a work schedule from a private school that offers both “Primarschule” and “College” in multiple languages. A school week at a College is the same through the entire school year and includes, as opposed to North-European countries, a longer lunch break and accompanied homework in the afternoon.

In primary school it is possible to voluntarily participate in a daycare school called Tagesschule.

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