Pension advice in Switzerland

To live often leads to changes. Our private desires and goals are constantly changing, new destinations are emerging and others disappear. When you marry and start a family, the objective might be to be able to buy property in Switzerland. Another goal may be the desire to be an independent entrepreneur, a new car, boat, a travel round the world or moving to another country. For most people it is important to be financially covered also in a downturn so that the financial goals and independency are preserved.

Long-term planning is an advantage
A long-term and careful plan of one’s wealth and pensions is a very good investment. With a comprehensive tax-optimised pension saving, you do not only provide yourself but also one’s partner or family the best possible platform for a rich life.

Pension advice in Switzerland
At together with Swiss Life pension, we offer advice on pension in Switzerland. Our package includes not only the coverage of your family and assets under terms of reduction of risks and tax payments, but also we have offers on matters such as health insurance in Switzerland, buying property in Switzerland and an analysis of other relevant insurance products in Switzerland.

Your benefits are:

  • Overview of pension schemes, both private and company pension in Switzerland
  • No excess – insurance and the opportunity to close any pension gaps in Switzerland
  • Optimal insurance for children and spouses
  • Tips and advice on inheritance in Switzerland
  • Tax advice in Switzerland
  • Low insurance premiums in Switzerland
  • Purchase of real estate in Switzerland
  • Individual pension report with an action plan

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