Moving to Switzerland

Many newcomers find the new life in Switzerland somewhat complicated. If you have a new job, there are surely many new and interesting colleagues, however if you relocated to the country as a retiree or a housewife, it can be hard to build a new network.

A big mistake that many make is to be inactive and passive. When abroad, nothing comes on its own; it requires hard work to find new friends whether on the job or in private. There is no manual on how to get well integrated, quickly and at no cost.

Below we have listed a number of options that could be the beginning to learn to know new people under foreign skies.

The language
It is important to try to speak the language that your new colleagues understand. Let it be German, French, English or maybe Italian. If you can only speak e.g. Danish when moving to Switzerland it is recommended to visit language courses, for example the affordable Migros club school

Animals in Switzerland
Do you have for instance a dog or horse, it can very well be a good vehicle to come into contact with other peers, for example or

Sports in Switzerland
If you are an active person it can be a great common denominator to go to a club to do sports. Here you will find others with the same interests be it football, badminton, handball, running, swimming, etc. Remember though it takes time, and contacts do not occur by themselves, you have to be proactive in your behaviour even in the sports club. To see where there are sport contests, click here

Working in Switzerland
In many larger workplaces, there are various activities. It ranges far from literature clubs, skiing, mini golf, tennis, wine tasting and bicycling. Examine what your workplace offers and take part in the social events.

Expats in Switzerland
In Switzerland, there are a wide range of clubs and associations where you can get to know other expats. In most the goal is to promote cohesiveness among expats residing in the region as well as expand and maintain the familiarity with Switzerland. Most clubs have an extensive program of activities for every interest and age group.

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