Health insurance in Switzerland

It is in Switzerland mandatory for everyone living in the country to draw up a health insurance with a basic coverage that covers the costs of treatment of diseases and illnesses. Payment of the insurance premium is for the insured person and costs an average of CHF 320 per month for a person of 26 years.

Almost 100 different providers of health insurance
Health insurances are offered by insurance companies and sick benefit associations (Krankenkassen). There is thus no state health insurance and treatment guarantee as we know it from other countries.
The funding of state hospitals is done partly by user’s fees paid through the patient and the private health insurance as well as by grants from the canton (region) or the municipality.

Basic insurance (KVG)
The basic insurance only covers costs for treatment of diseases treated on the cantonal hospital where you live, not on a private clinic etc. Exceptions are outpatient treatment which is performed everywhere in Switzerland.

Accident insurance in Switzerland
In Switzerland, the employee is insured by the employer in case of accident. This usually means that if you are in an accident, the costs to the hospital, etc. are covered by the employer’s compulsory full-time accident insurance

Treatment payments for dentist are not covered by the mandatory basic coverage. If you want this expense covered by the insurance, it requires payment of an additional premium.

Besides the mandatory basic coverage, you can buy optional add-on modules depending on the wishes and needs. The most commonly used insurance covers are:

  • Basic cover (“allgemein”) with among others multi-bed wards at the hospital.
  • Half Private with two-bed wards.
  • Private with one bed per ward.

In addition, the supplementary coverage (VVG) can be operation performed by the chief surgeon, private clinic, reimbursement for acupuncture, glasses, alternative medicine, fitness training and more. Click here to see a summary of coverages Health insurance in Switzerland through our cooperation partner.

It is possible to reduce the monthly insurance premium by accepting an own risk, the biggest saving is usually at an own risk of approximately CHF 2500, the lowest being CHF 300.

It is worth noting that insurances in Switzerland can be entered into with a term of several years, providing a premium reduction. Remember, however, that there are special denunciation rules and change of health insurance can usually only take place at the 1st of January.

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