Checklist for relocating to Switzerland

If you move abroad, you must remember to notify the movement before departure to the national register in the municipality in which you are registered. Anyone moving abroad has to be registered as having left the country in the CPR (Civil Registration Number). It is also advisable before leaving to examine the tax treatment in your own country mostly because of possible tax exit.

Deadline of notification
In Denmark for instance, there is a deadline of five days after the relocation to notify your relocation to the national register. In special cases you risk being fined if you do not notify the movement. In other countries, the deadline might however be different!

Going home during weekends and holidays
If, because of work, you stay more than six months abroad, but spend the majority of weekends, holidays and vacations in a residence in another county, e.g. Sweden, you have the right to remain registered in Sweden. The same rule applies for any spouse/partner and children if they followed abroad.

Checklist for relocating to Switzerland

  1. Notify your move to the National Register in the former municipality
  2. Examine tax circumstances compared to your home country – does the tax liability cease to your home country or not? It is recommended to contact an international tax lawyer.
  3. The public health insurance only covers holidays and study abroad travels – i.e. you must check with the former municipality if you can receive a EU form
  4. It’s not with all countries, who has signed an agreement with the social security, so that’s the reason you must make sure to be insured socially in Switzerland if you relocate for your work.

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