Tax Statement in Switzerland

When spring comes it is time to make your tax bills, in Switzerland also called tax return. In Switzerland it is a complicated matter. One reason is the many technical terms as well as the […]

Taxes in Switzerland (private individuals)

In order to understand the Swiss local tax system, you must note that there are taxes to be paid till three recipients. This is in terms of the “Bund” (federal), the canton and the “Gemeinde” […]

Wealth tax in Switzerland

In Switzerland, you have to pay wealth tax. The calculation is done by accumulating all your assets i.e. cash, securities, real estate, cars, boats etc. Liabilities (i.e. debt) are deducted from the assets which also […]

Switzerland and the EU

For some time, Switzerland has been under pressure from the European Union that wants Switzerland to the negotiating table. The EU believes that the Swiss tax system is too gentle and therefore competitive in a […]

Get lower taxes in Switzerland

For many foreigners, Switzerland is a tax paradise. This is particularly true if you come from Scandinavian, which as you know has the world’s highest tax burden. Although tax in Switzerland is low, it is […]

Low taxes in Switzerland

Switzerland has a very liberal tax system called “Pauschalbesteuerung” or in English “Lump Sum Taxation”. It is a tax structure Switzerland offers wealthy individuals who move to the country. People wishing to move to Switzerland […]

Inheritance tax in Switzerland

Inheritance tax in Switzerland is a cantonal matter and not a state matter. In Switzerland inheritance tax is charged in 25 of the 26 cantons. The only canton which does not charge inheritance tax is […]