Buying holiday property in Switzerland

If you want as a foreigner to buy a holiday property in Switzerland, you must comply with the terms of the law “Bundesgesetz über den Erwerb von Grundstücken durch Personen im Ausland (BewG)” also called […]

Buying property in Switzerland

For many foreigners, it is natural to own their primary residence. This solution is not always possible in Switzerland since property prices are higher than in many other European countries. Here, some strict requirements apply […]

Buy or rent in Switzerland?

What characterises Switzerland is when talking about housing is the rental market. The vast majority of Swiss people (66%) have chosen to rent rather than to own their properties (33%). This is not least to […]

Real estate in Switzerland

The dream of having one’s own home in Switzerland usually begins with the search for real estate. The economic foundation must firstly be analysed to determine how expensive a property you can buy. The purchase […]

Mortgages in Switzerland

If you are going to buy property in Switzerland, either a house or condo, there are two service providers in Switzerland relevant for you. The lending market in Switzerland is different than in other countries […]