Buses in Switzerland

In Switzerland a great deal of bus traffic is carried out in a so-called “Postauto” which is a yellow coloured bus. The “Postauto” is the successor of the chariot which brought the mail to the citizens back in the old days. Previously, the combination of mail and passenger transportation was ordinary, however today it has been separated since the end of the twentieth century.

Post Auto Schweiz AG
Bus lines in Switzerland are today managed by the Swiss Post AG, and there are in total 800 bus lines and more than 2000 buses/”Postautos”. Around 2,800 people work on the bus lines. These carry out work both in public or private passenger transportation.

A “Postauto” is a bus characterised by a yellow colour and a red line below the window and the horn on the side of the bus. An additional characteristic is the special triad horn which is used as a signal or warning horn when the bus is driving in areas with poor visibility, most often in the mountains.

See the timetable for buses or “Postautos” in Switzerland by clicking here.