Airports in Switzerland

The airports in Switzerland are yet again doing better. Since the crisis in 2002 where, among other things, the national airline Swissair went bankrupt, aviation in Switzerland is however yet again in progress. If you measure the number of passengers at the three major airports Zurich, Basel and Geneva, records are currently evident. Latest figures published in Zurich-Kloten show 22.9 million passengers spread over 268,765 departures/arrivals. In Geneva, the sum is 12 million passengers and in Basel 4.1 million passengers.

Zurich Airport in Kloten is designated as one of the most modern airports in the world. From this airport you can fly to 60 different countries or visit one of the countless restaurants and duty free shops.

At the Basel airport you can fly to 14 different countries and in Geneva even more.

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Euro-airport in Basel