Accident insurance in Switzerland

In Switzerland, all employees as a rule are covered by the mandatory insurance against accidents. If you work more than 8 hours each week for the same employer, the employee is insured against accidents and work-related diseases. The coverage applies 24 hours; thus it is a full-time accident insurance in Switzerland for this group of people. If the work curriculum is less than 8 hours per week, you are unfortunately only insured against accidents during working hours.

Your spouse and your children
Groups of individuals in Switzerland that are not mandatorily insured against accidents, such as self-employed, stay-at-home people, children, etc., is often a neglected group of people that are poorly insured. These do not have comprehensive insurance coverage at accident, disability or illness as the mandatorily insured. It is therefore recommended to check the coverages with a specialist so that you get the desired insurance coverage in Switzerland.

Coverage for illness in Switzerland
The mandatory accident insurance in Switzerland covers in two ways. One way is the medical expenses such as hospitalisation and medication after an accident. The second way is an ongoing financial compensation of permanent disability following an accident. This coverage must not be mistaken for a real “loss of working capacity”, “protection of salary” or “invalidity pension” since these products also cover illness. It may sound like a trivial matter that you are not insured against permanent loss of working capacity by disease. However, it is recommended to be cautious. The latest disability statistic shows that in Switzerland there are 250,000 disabled persons of which only 14,000 (9%) are disabled due to an accident!

We recommend that you get an insurance consultancy in Switzerland in order for you and your family to be properly insured both by accidents and diseases.

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