Buses in Switzerland

In Switzerland a great deal of bus traffic is carried out in a so-called “Postauto” which is a yellow coloured bus. The “Postauto” is the successor of the chariot which brought the mail to the […]

Trains in Switzerland

In Switzerland the state railway is called SBB. SBB is an abbreviation for “Die Schweizerischer Bundesbahnen” and is a public company owned by the state. The company is divided into four divisions: Passenger transport Freight […]

Airports in Switzerland

The airports in Switzerland are yet again doing better. Since the crisis in 2002 where, among other things, the national airline Swissair went bankrupt, aviation in Switzerland is however yet again in progress. If you […]

Activities in Switzerland

During the last couple of years, there has been a great demand for active holidays in Switzerland, hence the need for innovation is large. If you visit Switzerland as a tourist, the local tourist offices […]

Skiing in Switzerland

In the Norwegian region of Telemark, skiing was invented and developed as a sport. However, there are records showing that some peasants from Krain in Austria back in the 17th century took advantage of down […]

Zurich Zoo

The biggest zoo in Switzerland has annually 1.8 million visitors and 30,000 members. The zoo is situated in Zurich. The area measures 15 hectares and the zoo has 3,500 animals of 340 species. Copenhagen Zoo […]

Private schooling in Switzerland

In terms of private schools, Switzerland offers a wide and diversified range of opportunities. The private school is not only an alternative to the public school, but also the private school stands out among young […]

Schooling in Switzerland

A country and 26 school systems The education system in Switzerland is that of a federalist structure. This means each canton has its own school system and there are therefore 26 different school systems in […]

A well paid job

Foreigners are more and more frequently being recruited to Switzerland to occupy well-paid jobs. Especially in the major Swiss companies almost 50% of management are from abroad. Having foreign managers in Swiss companies is an […]

Tax Statement in Switzerland

When spring comes it is time to make your tax bills, in Switzerland also called tax return. In Switzerland it is a complicated matter. One reason is the many technical terms as well as the […]

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