Accident insurance in Switzerland


In Switzerland, all employees as a rule are covered by the mandatory insurance against accidents. If you work more than 8 hours each week for the same employer, the employee is insured against accidents and […]

House insurance in Switzerland


Your home is something special and it is therefore important to have the right insurance if the water pipe breaks or the storm rages with destructions to follow. The house insurance’s coverage in Switzerland A […]

Pension savings in Switzerland


The retirees who only have the AHV (old age pension from Switzerland) and BVG (company pension from Switzerland), can hardly keep their standards of living in the future. Fortunately, people in Switzerland have an additional […]

Mandatory health insurance in Switzerland


The coverages of the mandatory health insurance in Switzerland are determined by the authorities. The advantage is that the insurance is thus comparable to all insurance companies and to annually change the compulsory insurance without […]

Health insurance in Switzerland


It is in Switzerland mandatory for everyone living in the country to draw up a health insurance with a basic coverage that covers the costs of treatment of diseases and illnesses. Payment of the insurance […]

Car Insurance in Switzerland


Policyholders in Switzerland must remember to separate the mandatory public liability insurance and voluntary own risk insurance when you compare different insurance offers. The best car insurance is not the one with the lowest premium […]

Insurance in Switzerland


Most people in Switzerland have comprehensive insurance coverages. In average, a family pays 21% of their household budget on insurances. This large expenditure is not least due to the health insurance (Krankenkasse) which is by […]

Legal expenses insurance in Switzerland


Why a “legal expenses insurance” in Switzerland? Today, many conflicts and disputes end in a lawsuit. The cost of a lawyer can be substantial, thus a legal expenses insurance which takes over the costs is […]


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